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IGLOO MultiTherma

was awarded the Gold Medal by experts and professionals during the Renewable Energy Fair Enex


Good Design 2022

The IGLOO MultiTherma heat pump is the winner of the Good Design 2022 competition in the category
New technologies


Unit features

Discover the advantages of a modern heat pump

COP of 5,5

the high COP means that the heat pump is very energy efficient and the user pays even less for energy.

The quietest unit on the market

Fans with blades modelled on the outline of an owl wing (one of the quietest flying birds) and vibration suppression, silencing of the compressor and casing.

5-year warranty

Components from the world’s most renowned companies, inverter compressor for exceptional energy savings

Refrigerant R290

The most eco-friendly solution on the market, it protects the environment and saves energy.

For homes and commercial buildings

Versatile applications

MultiTherma is successfully used in new single-family homes and homes undergoing energy upgrades. Savings on heating bills are particularly evident in commercial and public facilities, such as hotels, factories, shops, schools or offices.


Commercial buildings

Industrial buildings


Heat pump created by experts

The MultiTherma heat pump was created by IGLOO. Polish manufacturer of technologies used in professional energy recovery, heating and cooling equipment. The company has been operating for over 35 years and supplies its products to more than fifty countries worldwide.

MultiTherma 12 kW

Heat pump for new build detached houses and houses undergoing energy refurbishment and cascade systems.

MultiTherma 17 kW

Heat pump model used in residential buildings over 200 sq m or in commercial buildings and cascade system.

MultiTherma 21 kW

Heat pump used in large residential buildings over 400 sq m or in commercial buildings and cascade systems.


Heat pump installations in homes and commercial buildings.

Modernised house 140 sq.m.

The device with a power of 12 kW provides energy for central heating and hot water installations.

New building 600 sq m.

A cascade of two pumps supplies the underfloor central heating system and the DHW system.

Modernised house 150 sq.m.

The 17 kW heat pump heats DHW and works with fan coil units that enable space heating and cooling.

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